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Barcelona 2024

57 photos

I went on a European vacation in the summer of 2024, returning to Barcelona for the first time in 10 years and I took a …

The guard house

Park Güell

22 photos

My brother and I visited Park Güell as part of our Barcelona trip. Beautiful place, full of mosaics, gardens, and an …

The closed door of the Cat Bar in Barcelona

Street Art

17 photos

A few of these are from 2014, but most are from my recent trip to Barcelona in 2024. I love to take pictures of the …

Another lake view


36 photos

After Girona, we drove to Viehla in the Aran valley area, just before the border with France in the Northeast of Spain. …

From the top of the Cathedral steps. For all my focus on taking pictures, this was my favorite from this city, and I took it on the first day, with my phone.


48 photos

My brother and I visited a few places together in June of 2024, including Girona, a beautiful city less than an hour …

Mary perhaps, but with sunglasses

Barcelona 2014

19 photos

I had a couple of days on the ends of a work trip to Barcelona, took as many photos as I could.