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Ok, so now this link is also broken. I’m trying to track down the original source but it is getting pretty out of date. I’m interested in revisiting this project at some point, rebuilding the book using current tech, but it is difficult to say when that could ever happen. If you are still looking for this code, you can reach out to me (duncanma@microsoft.com), and hopefully I’ll be able to point you to a better/newer resource for your question.

A few weeks ago someone emailed Channel 9 looking for me, hoping to track down the source code for an old book of mine (Word 2000 VBA). At the time I couldn’t imagine that I’d be able to find it, but I found a set of archive CDs that I’ve made over the years and voila, there it was.

Anyway, in the interest of feeding the internet search engine monster, the source code (in a zip) is attached to this post for anyone who might be looking for it. Download it from here: http://duncanmackenzie.net/Media/Default/BlogPost/Attachment/2556-1.zip