“anon” (why not leave a name, it is much more fun) posted a comment in response to my previous entry, asking why am I including Brad Abrams and Chris Brumme… as they are not VB-specific…

Perhaps I need to be clearer about my intent.

“I’m interested in blogs that contain useful information for Visual Basic (.NET or not) developers.” … the fact that Brad Abrams and Chris Brumme are not tied to any one language is the whole reason why I chose to list them.

In truth, I suspect most .NET postings could be of use to a VB.NET developer, but I can’t list them all, so I am trying to filter on a few criteria… the most important of which is “raw value of the content”, but great content that is all in C# isn’t all that useful to someone who works only in VB.NET… so I’ll tend to skew towards Visual Basic developers with blogs whenever possible.

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