I have a bunch of writing to do, but what I really want to do is code!

It turns out I have a bunch of coding to do as well… but the writing is more overdue than the coding (at the moment)!

Of course, I could just say to hell with them both and go play some SW:KOTOR, but I finished it a couple of nights ago and I’m not quite ready to start again… although the dark path should provide some interesting replay value.

I recently finished the first chapter of a new book quite a bit ahead of schedule. The book isn’t due out for quite awhile, but I was offered a place on the PDC version of the Whidbey DVD(s) if I could get it in by last week, and that was a chance I didn’t want to miss. Not going to the PDC? Well, don’t worry… I’m sure it will be posted somewhere pretty quick after the event… and it might even end up on MSDN around the same time…. hmm… I think I’m stalling, I’d better get back to work.