Today’s Team Chat (Thursday 6/24 at 1pm Pacific Time) has been cancelled

**Update: This chat has been cancelled, sorry folks!!**

_Click _[_here_]( for details on the chat and check out Scott's post on the subject (shown below) ..._

<b><a id="viewpost.ascx_TitleUrl" href="">_C# Team Chat: What we did at TechEd (Thurs 6/24, 1pm PST)_</a></b>_A few C# Program Managers (including myself) presented at TechEd 2004 in San Diego. We thought we'd have a _[_chat_]( where we could answer your questions if you didn't get them answered at TechEd, or perhaps try to allow people who weren't in San Diego to experience the magic. :0) _
  [_Eric Gunnerson_]( will be at the chat to answer questions about his and Anders' talks, _[_DEV320_]( and _[_DEV321_]( _[_Joe Nalewabau_]( will be there for his session, _[_DEV322_]( I'll be there for the two sessions I co-presented, _[_DEV354_]( and _[_DEV450_]( A few other C# team _[_members_]( who went to TechEd and manned the cabanas, booths and such will be there as well. Make sure to check out the powerpoints before showing up – they're required reading. :0)_

  _Here is a _[_direct link_]( into the chatroom._

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