My previous post about the Nike+ system left me searching for a similar solution for non-iPod users… without a lot of luck, but Mark let me know about, which is very cool. This site/software uses any GPS enabled Windows Mobile device to produce some useful info about your activity (running, skiing, whatever). I’m interested and I’ll probably enjoy using it, but it isn’t really going to compete with the Nike+ system for two reasons: The first reason is that GPS isn’t a great solution for this type of use, especially for someone (me) who does at least half their runs on a treadmill… (hmm… the software seems to think I haven’t moved…), and secondly there is the question of the device. I’m not planning to carry my Moto Q with me while I run, it is too big. Even the smallest Windows Mobile device (that I know of) isn’t really meant to be used while running, and I doubt many such devices come with an armband 🙂

Still, it is neat… perhaps if I would be willing to wear a ‘fanny pack’, I wouldn’t mind stashing the Q in there.