As my lack of posts might suggest, I’m completely under water these days at work, but I did find time to take a week long vacation back to Winnipeg, Manitoba. While I was there I snapped this shot of a sign that I’ve been amused by for a few years now… (click the picture to see the full size version)

[ ](" title=“Click to view the full picture” rel=“lightbox[846]) I guess I would understand this text in a yellow-pages ad, if you know you have to find a place that offers this service you’d be looking in that section of the yellow-pages and this would be useful information, but on a street-side sign doesn’t make as much sense to me. I can only imagine someone driving down the road, seeing the sign and thinking… “hmm… that’s not a bad price, maybe I should take advantage of that right now on the way home… I have been feeling a bit run down lately.”