With code samples and screenshots based on the recent Community drop of Whidbey (VS 2005), Scott explains how to create your first debugger visualizer:

<a id="viewpost.ascx_TitleUrl" href="http://blogs.msdn.com/scottno/archive/2004/04/17/115328.aspx">Debugger Visualizers on VS 2005 Community Tech Preview</a>

_... Visualizers allow for advanced, customized viewing of data while debugging. Today's data windows have their limitations; text-only, hierarchical, spatially constrained – not the best for viewing an image, for example. Visualizers allow you to create completely custom views using WinForms to best show the data within any managed object. Yes, unfortunately this feature will only available for the managed world. ..._

Just a little side note... I've mentioned Scott and his blog a few times in previous posts, but I believe I spelled his last name wrong **in every single one. **You may not have noticed, **but he did**... and so it with great pleasure that I point out that I got it right this time (I hope).