With the release of Scramble today, I noticed something odd on the game detail page on Xbox.com. Along the left hand side is a listing of the specs of the game (# of players, does it work with Live, etc.) and it includes this interesting line: “HDTV 480i”

Hmm…. while I’ve never subscribed to the view that only 1080p is HDTV, 480i is most certainly not. Yes, it is one of the resolutions that a HDTV monitor can usually display, but if it isn’t 720p, 1080i or 1080p you can’t really call it HDTV. Of course, this is probably just a typo… I believe a 360 game will always be capable of putting out at least 720p, even if it hasn’t been optimized for that resolution. In fact, several other games list “HDTV: No Support” in their specs (Time Pilot for one), which is certainly not the case.