Skipped out of work on Friday morning to go sea Finding Nemo with my son. He is only 2yrs old, so he probably isn’t really ready for going to movies as a general practice… but he really enjoyed it. About a month ago I was in Las Vegas and I brought him home a “Nemo” plush fish… I explained that in a month (which is a longer period of time than he can really grasp, but he knew it was “soon, but not now”) he and I would go to a movie with Nemo in it. For the entire month he has been talking (in his own unique way) about it. As the day of the movie drew closer I even started explaining that we would be going to the movie theater and that he could have popcorn and a “fizzy” drink (soft drinks have been a movie theater only experience for the most part) and he started wandering around with his fish muttering “Neh-mo.. pop, pop, pop… Neh-mo” (he’s not much on big sentences, but I had no trouble translating that to Nemo… Popcorn!) for the remaining few days before the movie.

We had a blast, he enjoyed the movie (which, if you don’t already know, is about a Dad and his son, so it was a good bonding experience), he enjoyed the popcorn, he brought his Nemo doll… and I don’t think any of it scared him at all… although a few reviews suggested that it might. I definitely recommend the movie, though some folks probably wouldn’t bring a kid until 3 or 4 years of age, it was a fun time for a 2yr old!