While I did manage to find some really nice desktop backgrounds at http://www.ninjagaidengame.com/NinjaGaiden/images/wallpaper/wallpaper3_1280.html, I didn’t find a release date for the game I’ve been waiting for… Now, considering who I work for, I’m not one to talk trash about a company for slipping in their software release schedule, but I was a little surprised in each case (they’ve slipped more than once on Ninja Gaiden) that I only heard about the slip after the planned release date had passed. You’d think they would see it coming at least a few weeks before hand (here’s a hint, if the DVDs aren’t on the trucks, you aren’t going to release tomorrow).

Ah well, here’s hoping that the end of this month or beginning of the next becomes the magic date for Tecmo and discs start arriving at a store near you.