If you know me, or read my blog much, you’ll probably gather that I’ve fully bought into the WMA/WMV world. I’ve always been a bit annoyed at the iPod model of things as well… I mean, seriously, you can only use iTunes with iPods and iPods with iTunes… talk about crazy… people need choice, who wants to be locked into one music player or one music store?!?

Of course, I don’t get to rant about that anymore, now that we are doing the exact same thing with Zune… I don’t like it any better just because we are doing it, but I’ve decided that I must be in the minority and that most consumers must not really care about being locked into a single store/brand.

Anyway, the long and short of this is that I would never consider an iPod, all of my media is firmly sitting in the Windows Media world. I have an Xbox 360, a Media Center PC, a Portable Media Center device, a Zune, an iRiver Clix and my wife has a Napster-to-go subscription. Yep, I’m in the Windows Media world alright.

But then I see this, and I really want it. I’ve been writing down my run distances and times onto a piece of paper for the past two weeks, and now I was going to find some form of online log to input them into… and my search brought me to the very fancy NikeRunning.com site. And from there, I ended up viewing NikePlus.com … bugger!

[](http://www.duncanmackenzie.net/images/WindowsLiveWriter/NikeactuallymakesmeconsideraniPod_C11D/NikeRunning%5B4%5D.png" rel=“lightbox[579]” title=“Nike+ actually makes me consider an iPod)

I don’t think I can do it, it would end up being just for running, and that is an expensive package just to run with… but it is very tempting.