Brian Randell has written 4 (really 7, but 3 of them are just the same article as both VB and C#) articles on using MSDE in your applications… (via Kent Sharkey’s blog);

Using MSDE?

A whole whack of articles from Brian Randell on working with MSDE in your Web applications has just gone live.
  • [Using MSDE 2000 in a Web Application](
  • And every possible combination and permutation of:
    • Visual Basic .NET and C#
    • Visual Studio, WebMatrix and just the SDK
  • Pick one:
[VB+VS]( [VB+WM]( [VB+SDK]( [C#+VS]( [C#+WM]( [C#+SDK]( TTFN – Kent

posted @ 3/8/2004 4:39 PM by Kent Sharkey