I wouldn’t have known about this site, if the site’s owner wasn’t sitting behind me on the plane to TechEd, so I thought the rest of you might not know about it either 🙂

[TryIIS.com](http://www.TryIIS.com" title=“IIS) is a new site dedicated to resources for evaluating IIS, and contains over 100 whitepapers and other materials…

Now, I have no idea why they had to create a special site for this, when they have an IIS section of microsoft.com, but that little complaint aside, this site contains a ton of useful info. So… if you are into web development, you’ll need a web server and if you are trying to decided between IIS and something else or trying to convince the IT Gods that IIS is the way to go… this site should be pretty useful for you!

([Listening To](http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/en-us/dncodefun/html/code4fun04252003.asp): Dosed [[The Red Hot Chili Peppers](http://www.windowsmedia.com/mg/search.asp?srch=The+Red+Hot+Chili+Peppers) / By the Way])