My music system is finally hooked back up in my new house (after months of sitting unplugged) but I didn’t have a network connection available for it. Well, the recent release of some new networking standards have made 802.11b adapters rather cheap so I picked one up today and went to install it onto my music system…. hmm… no LAN, no CD, no floppy… no way to get drivers to this machine at all… so no way to install the new device. Well, once the device is installed, I’ll be set because I’ll have a network connection, but that doesn’t really help me too much… (There’s a hole in the bucket…)

What to do? I’m too lazy to unplug the system and snake the power cable out from behind the entertainment center so that I can move it to within ethernet cable distance, so I took my digital camera, with its 128mb memory stick and hooked it up to my PC. Turns out the entire install disk for the adapter is 118mb so I copied the whole thing onto the camera’s memory and then took the camera to the music system…. worked fine, but I would have hated to have to explain it to my wife if she came downstairs (well, honey… you see, I’m using our camera as a portable floppy disk… no really, there is a good reason…)