So I’m back from the San Francisco area, and I’m while I’m too tired to give you all the details right now, here’s a sneak peak of some of the things you’ll be seeing on 10 in the near future:

Update: the first Maker Faire video is up on 10 right now!

Update 2: For some reason, this post is #1 on several search engines for the query “How hot is a flamethrower”… and I suspect that people who find this entry aren’t really getting that question answered 🙂 In the interest of helping those folks out, I’ve dug up a bit of an answer.

Turns out it is a hard question to find the answer to, although searching on “temperature” and “flamethrower” works better than “hot”. I’ve seen varying reports, but as far as I can tell most flamethrowers used by the miltary used thickened gasoline (napalm) as their fuel … which can reach a temperature of approx. 1200 °C (from with more info at It is worth noting that the use of Flamethrowers by the US Military was ended in 1978.