Of course, the iPod has been available (and widely publicized) through these free sites for a while (shuffle, regular/mini, or photo model all have their own sites), but if you are like me and you want to use a media player that works with more than one brand of device, or if you want to stick with WMA (I have ripped 15 GB of my music into that format, and it works great with my Rio Nitrus and wife’s Rio Cali… so I’m sticking there for the forseeable future!), then the Zen Micro might be worth taking a look.

Specs of the Zen Micro that is available through MP3Players4Free:

  • Holds 2,500 songs on 5GB hard drive
  • Micro sized (3.3" tall, 2" wide, 0.7" deep)
  • Get up to 12 hours playback on a single charge
  • FM radio to listen and record
  • Built-in mic for up to 10hrs voice recording
  • Vertical touch pad for easy and intuitive navigation
  • High fidelity earphones with dynamic bass response
  • Plays MP3, WMA, WAV files
  • USB 2.0 interfaces (cables included)