I play Halo for the PC, and every time I get an update I am very excited… last time it meant a big reduction in the activities of team-killing losers, and I bet it will be equally cool next time. Lots of the applications on my machine have updates available, but unless they check on their own (like Adobe Acrobat, Halo, Messenger, and many others) or they check through Windows Update (like my sound card driver, etc…), then the odds are I will never install the patch/fix/update. Ah well, it certainly seems to be a trend though, more and more applications are updating themselves or at least telling me when an update is available (that isn’t so bad, but the odds are I won’t click on the link to update if I’m in the middle of trying to get something done…).

Anyway, if anyone is ever looking for me in Halo, I play on the Bungie servers (BNG-CTF-1 through 4) and go by the name of Duncan… usually a game or two between the hours of 10pm PST and 2am PST.

Maybe I’ll see you there!

[Listening to: Fly Away – [Lenny Kravitz](http://www.windowsmedia.com/mg/search.asp?srch=Lenny+Kravitz) – Big Shiny Tunes, Vol. 3 (03:42)]