I have been drooling over this for that last few weeks…

inner monologue: it doesn’t do anything that I really need, and if I ever get around to hooking my current music system up with something better than S-Video, I could probably replicate its functionality in a pretty short period of time….

but, it sure looks cool, and that has added it to an overly long list of ’things I would buy if I had the $$ to order them and the time to use them'.

It seems like a slightly more efficient idea to pay the $120 for a VGA-Component adapter for my music system (so that it displays at 720 progressive, instead of 480 interlaced) and then build photo-viewing/slideshow support into it, but gadget-love isn’t about efficiency.

We (the content strategist team at MSDN) are heading down to Fry’s en masse on Tuesday, which should be a wonderful display of technology lust and perhaps even acquisition (although not by me, I’ve sated my gadget lust for a few months with that DVI-equipped DVD player)… yup, should be a fun time for all.