Good times were had by all, although mostly by my son (Connor)!

Connor in Rocket Ride 1

Played in the fountain, ate some hotdogs and did a few rides (very few) at the fair that sits below the Space Needle (you can see the needle in the back of this shot).

My high-point of the trip? When my son looked over a perfect stranger in line (a guy, probably around my age… no kids with him) and asked for a bite of his cotton candy. Well, after a look at me to make sure it was ok, the dude pulled the plastic bag off the top of his cotton candy so that Connor could grab a previously untouched piece and Connor got his first taste of pure sugar in stringy/fluffy form.

Now, I don’t want my son to be all weird about strangers but I did mention to him later that asking strangers for candy is not normally a good idea… although I’m less concerned about folks that he asks for candy, compared to someone who offers 🙂