While working on a certificate issue for the ’next’ iteration of on10.net, I decided to code up a new feature that has been sitting on our feature list for quite some time. ASX files are very simple files that let you list out a series of media files and Windows Media Player will happily play them in sequence, so I wrote some code so that a URL like this:


Will output an ASX file containing recent videos tagged with ‘E3’.

Woo hoo, exciting… well, maybe not that exciting, but it does mean that you can pick a topic you are interested in (like Xbox 360), go to one link and have a bunch of videos play through without any more clicking/navigating…

A couple of notes:

  • When they are playing if you want to jump to the next one, just use the Next track button in WMP.
  • If your shuffle option is on, the videos will play in random order, which might surprise you (it suprised me)