Turns out we (MSDN) are looking for a few good testers to come and work with us in Redmond… if you are interested in a position, and the following job description (which you may have also seen on Laura or Kent’s blog…) is appealing, let us know via this link.

_Are you ready to join an exciting team? MSDN is revolutionizing the way developers get the resources and information they need. MSDN Test is looking for an experienced SDE/T to help mentor and lead a team of testers responsible for delivering quality releases bringing MSDN forward as a .Net showcase. Key areas of responsibility will be functional, performance, and security testing, as well as a hands-on roll in ensuring the quality of our releases.

A successful candidate will be passionate about software development, testing, and releasing great products for our customers. The candidate should have excellent writing and communications skills, superior analytical skills, and a strong understanding of the software development process and testing methodology. The successful candidate should be adept with C#, XML, ASP, ASPX, VB.Net, .NET Framework, SQL. Additional experience with Darwin and MadDog would be a bonus. The ideal candidate should have experience with testing both web-based products as well as packaged products, with at least 3 years of testing experience (including at least one full product cycle). A BA/BS degree in Computer Science or a related technical field is preferred.

Update: Ok folks…. not to be too blunt here, but… Emailing me directly, or posting comments, is not a good way to apply for this position. In the post above, I mention that this is the correct link… so any other method just shows me you didn’t bother to carefully read the post… and unless I’ve worked with you before (and had a good experience), I will not be forwarding your resume on just because you emailed it to me. Sorry for any confusion if that link wasn’t clear in the first posting…