Like Card, I earn much of my living on intellectual property, and I don’t buy 90% of the arguments in favor of internet “music sharing”. In my view, it’s theft. If you want to do it anyway, at least be honest about it, rather than trying to tart it up as justice for the “rapacious” record companies.

Posted by G. Andrew Duthie , Tuesday, September 16, 2003

I have had the exact same conversation with a few of my friends… and even some of my family…

I don’t care if you download MP3s (or movies for that matter) without paying, go ahead… do what you want… but don’t pretend it is any different than grabbing the disc off the shelf at the local music store and shoving it down your pants… You are stealing, and just because it is acceptable to many people doesn’t make it any less of a theft.

Yeah, I’ve heard the arguments… blah, blah, big music companies are rich, charging too much, blah, blah… it is just 1s and 0s, so it isn’t really stealing… etc.

If they are ripping you off (or ripping off the artists), then go listen to some independent local band (many of which give at least some of their music away on the web for free… really free, not stolen free)… and then pay that local band the $10 bucks to buy a CD-R from the stack next to the stage… at least you’ll know where most of that $ is going.

Oh, and despite my opinion on this…. it doesn’t make the RIAA any less of a bunch of losers 🙂 though they generate great humour.

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