I found this today, and I just couldn’t stop reading through it. I would normally say I’m not really into tools, but I guess I am:

Kevin Kelly – Cool Tools

a sample entry:

Peanut Butter Mixer

Stirs PB with less mess #
pb stirrer 1.jpg We like natural peanut butter, but hate the initial stirring mess. The minute you put a spatula in, the oil overflows and is everywhere. This stirrer seals the jar, and with a few quick turns the peanut butter is completely mixed and there is zero mess. Easy to use: you put the lid on, insert the stirrer and turn the knob. The gasket on the hole where you put the stirrer even cleans it off when you are done! My husband actually sneaks in a new jar of peanut butter so that he can mix it up before I get to.

– Sessalee Hensley

Peanut Butter Mixer $8 Available from Lehman’s

Or $11 from Amazon

Manufactured by Witmer Prodcuts, Inc.

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