Provides a great introduction to creating your own custom columns and column styles…. including a drop-down column style, which is a very popular custom column for most folks!!

DataGrid Zen Novice by Alastair Stell

This project provides a 101 tour of the Windows Forms DataGrid Control, with emphasis on easy-to-use (and understand) customizations.

You don’t have database connectivity? No problem, this project’s for you.

We build a simple, memory-resident database using classes provided by ADO.NET, no external database required. Next, we employ a DataGrid object to display the contents of a table within our database. Finally, we move along to customizing the columns in the DataGrid. And yes, if you want a custom combobox column, then look no further. It’s robust, uncomplicated and it works!

This article was not developed in a vacuum. I would like to credit the excellence of authors Kristy K. Saunders and Dino Esposito. I’m going to elaborate on their work, tempered by personal experience, to present an article for the novice user.