Well, I haven’t produced anything of staggering brillance tonight, but I’m a little less behind on some of my writing obligations (now those SAMS editors will stop posting my picture in the coffee room with nasty words beneath it)… still behind on 3 or 4 other projects, but progress is progress… I’m not going to complain!

Some very cool stuff coming soon on the Visual C# Developer Center, which I have recently taken over ‘stewardship’ of, I’ll leave it to someone else to give away details if he wants and just say that if you care at all about the C# language itself, beyond the basics, then you are going to want to spend some time at the developer center in the next while!

On a very unrelated note, I went into a new movie-rental place the other day (new to me that is) and I ‘registered’ for an account with their system… but I didn’t receive a card, instead the fellow just told me that the last four digits of my phone # were now my account # and that I could just use those to access the account. Hmm… a GUID would be overkill, but how exactly are the last 4 digits of my phone number sufficient to uniquely identify me? I’m thinking that he was simplifying the system for me (probably assuming that I, like yourselves, didn’t want to know the details) and that my real account number was some system generated thing (or at least my full phone #) and they just looked stuff up by the phone #, asking for my name if they received multiple results on the same #… but who knows… maybe they are just crossing their fingers and hoping that they won’t have any conflicts on those last four digits?

I’m tempted to go back in and open another account, different phone #, same last 4 digits… but perhaps some people would find that weird?