I’m in Winnipeg for a couple of weeks, and while I’m there I thought I’d track down a few interesting folks to film for on10.net. First up on my list, Ed from www.geektragedy.com. I can’t figure out a way to permalink it, but if you can find the entry for June 28 (scroll down, or go to his archives if it has left the page) you’ll see his comments on my visit… I left thinking I should have asked him for a signed copy of a sketch or something like that and he makes it sound like I was doing him a favour by filming him… humble guy!!

… being the budding media whore that I am, I agreed to the interview.

Now I was a little worried about it at first, as this time it was a video interview and I’m not big on being on camera, but now that it’s over the only way I can even think to describe it…way fuckin’ cool!