Hey folks…. I’ve been thinking (dangerous, I know) and I’ve decided that you need to see more code. This might mean more code in this blog, more on the site, more pointed to that lives on other sites…. whatever, just more code in the end. I’m looking for topics though, what do you see as the most common topics that need code snippets? What comes up again and again when you are on the newsgroups and on the web forums out there?

Should we (MSFT, VB Team, Me, etc…) focus on the simple stuff for beginners or is that all covered on other sites and in the docs? Should we be focusing on those top few percentage of hard problems that very few folks have a good example for?

I’m leaning towards the ‘simple’ samples at the moment, like my printing example a few weeks back, and considering doing a simple data-entry application as a demo, then perhaps an application that uses the WebBrowser COM control (it comes up a lot on the forums I frequent)… and then, despite having already written an article on it, something involving multiple forms and passing data back and forth…

If you have any ideas or if you are just sick of answering a particular question over and over again (or asking it, and not getting a good answer) then just let me know.

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