I mentioned earlier how the Free Xbox 360 site was quite busy, and it is… tons of clicks, 12 sign-ups, and even one person has ‘gone green’ which is to say they completed their offer. Once 8 people (who click through your referral link) have signed-up and completed an offer, then you are all done, but the sign-up to completion ratio is not great, probably 1 in every 5, so a lot of folks sign-up and then find that they either are not interested in the available offers or they don’t think it is likely that they’ll get an additional 8 people to sign-up through them. One of the more difficult aspects of these sites is that they don’t tell you how many referrals are needed until after you sign up, so if you were thinking 4 referrals and it ends up being 10, that is a pretty good reason to bail on the entire system. I’m currently sitting 3 away on the PVP site, 4 on the PSP and 4 on the MP3 Players site… and, in all honestly, I don’t really expect any of them to go completely through. Now that I’m not going through a service like RefStop, where you trade referalls on somone else’s account for them signing up through you and doing a referall on your account, 3 or 4 sign-ups is a pretty unlikely target.