Kent’s first day with my group (to avoid confusion: “my group” means the group I belong to, I don’t manage anyone…) and he has already realized the truth about us.

“Day 1 – spent most of it in the cafeteria, as it was a move day. Two meetings (much lower than my day would have been). Yes, my new team is/are lunatics 😉 (They know that already, and yes, I know they all read this)” – Kent Sharkey’s Blog

For those of you who might be wondering, Kent has just joined MSDN, and more specifically he has become the ASP.NET Content Strategist. As a group, we content strategists are involved in planning out the articles (and other materials) that MSDN should write, link to and/or acquire around various development technologies. I’m the Visual Basic Content Strategist, Steve Kirk is our man on Architecture, Matt Powell covers the exciting world of Web Services, Frank Redmond is all over the .NET Framework, Brian Johnson just joined us as the Security strategist, Paul Johns is working with something called C#, and Shawn Morrissey (our boss) covers Visual Studio… oh yeah, Tim Ewald is also part of our group… but no one really knows what he does 😉