So I’ve been wanting to go to PAX since it started a couple of years ago, and every time it has come around I’ve been out of town… until now… and, by some interesting twist of fate, I know have a job that actually required me to attend 🙂

So Tina, Sampy, Adam and I headed over there today, snuck in ahead of the massive line with our snazzy media badges and started filming… some highlights

  • Serving “BAWLS” everywhere leads to many great quotes, especially funny if you are 9 years old, but we laughed anyway
  • Console Tourney… competive Smash Bros, how much cooler can it get?

nice setup!

  • Case Mods in the Bring Your Own Computer room, I’m already voting for the FF 2000 case to win hands down. It was so cool that both Sampy and myself interviewed them (that is what happens when we split up and give two devs each a camera… silly us).

Coming into being Note that this is an “in progress” pic, not the final case mod… I’ll post that soon… check out this photo set for the whole mod in pictures.

  • Alex St. John… wow… cigars… stories… and brave enough to bring his daughters to an event with many thousand gamers (the # of black shirts on the streets of Bellevue was unbelievable).