If you follow Eric’s blog (and if you are into C#, you should) then you’ll have already seen these… but if you haven’t then let these three posts be just a taste of what is available over there;

Who does Microsoft talk to when they have questions?

… The feedback we got around E&C has been fairly polarized. There is one group who feels the way Rich does, and really wants E&C. There is another group that actively doesn’t want E&C, as they feel that it encourages the wrong kind of programming. And then there’s a group in the middle who typically see the value of E&C but don’t think it’s critical. …

Zero or one based collection?

To cover this subject, I’m going to have to set the way-back-machine for the 1980s or earlier, back when real men wrote in assembly and our bytes only had 7 bits. (aside – How many of you – and be honest here – have ever heard of machines where the word size wasn’t a multiple of 8? They really did exist).

What’s Wrong With This Code?

Rather [than] bore my audience by presenting my views on implementing IDisposable, I’m going to take the “What’s wrong with this code?” approach. My goal is to present code examples that show code that’s doing something wrong – be it something prohibited by the language, something that’s ill-advised, or something with bad performance – and then let the attendees try to figure out what’s wrong with the code.