Brian and I have been spending a lot of our free time working on an upcoming Xbox 360 book (Xbox 360 for Dummies), which has resulted in me spending way too much time thinking about the day I will be able to pick up a box of my own to bring home. Looking forward to that day, and knowing that Brian and I have almost completely different tastes in games, I thought it would be interesting to list out the 5 games on the 360 I’m most looking forward to, and maybe Brian will do the same. I’m not going to restrict myself to just launch titles, going instead for anything that has been announced, mainly so that I can include my #1 most anticipated title:

  1. Bioware’s Mass Effect An RPG set in space… with great potential based on Bioware’s past releases (KOTOR and Jade Empire being two of my favorite Xbox 1 games)…
  2. The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion Another RPG, this one a more classic swords & sorcery style system… I’ve never played any of the earlier releases in this series though, so I might have missed out on some great games
  3. Kameo: Elements of Power I don’t know how to classify this game, but it looks great and the gameplay I’ve seen looks like a lot of fun… probably something that will be popular to play with my kids
  4. Perfect Dark Zero It is a first person shooter… I like those… it won’t be as scary as Quake IV (I played the original Quake mostly around midnight in a dark apartment and it gave me the creeps on many occasions) and it has a sexy protagonist… yeah, I’ll be picking this one up.
  5. Project Gotham Racing 3 I like driving games… I feel a little bit torn about buying PGR 3, because I didn’t end up having time to play the last PGR game (I feel like I should go back and play it a ton before buying the next one, otherwise it seems wasteful…) so that guilt and the fact that different games will be out by the time I get to buying game #5 means that I might end up going for King Kong, DOA 4, or …

What I will probably do is buy one when I get the console, another one around christmas and put a bunch of 360 games into my GameFly queue as soon as they are available so that I can try out as many as possible before I decide which ones to buy.