Was it fate, or mere coincidence? Today, I checked out a little online message board where MSFT employees sell/trade various used items (computers, appliances, furniture, baby clothes… whatever) and someone was selling one of those new Samsung DVD players with DVI out… yep, the very same one that I decided to buy, and then changed my mind after seeing the price of the DVI cables…

It was around a month old and $100 off retail price… so I bought it. I’d add some appropriate emoticons here, but I’m not sure I can find one that appropriately describes the girlish giggling I’m currently producing.

I’m picking it up at 9am tomorrow, and then it will be sitting in my office not hooked up to anything for the entire day. That seems wrong in some way, but I will just have to be strong 🙂

I still don’t have a DVI cable though, so I likely won’t even hook it up for a few days… but I’ll put it near the TV and they can start to get acquainted (you don’t want to rush something like this). Maybe I should bring the TV’s remote into the office and set it on the DVD player’s box during the day tomorrow… so that it will be less of a shock when they meet for the first time? I’m sure they’ll hit it off though, no worries.

I’m a little more concerned about the TiVo though, the TV has DVI just like the DVD player, so they have something in common… the TiVo doesn’t even have component out (not that it needs it, I love the little guy, but the video quality is definitely lacking) … it will likely feel left out, and perhaps jealous… hmmm, maybe I should buy it something?