Fairly mixed response over on MajorNelson.com to this game, mostly either people who love it or people who are wishing we’d stop with the ‘retro’ games already… I’m a bit on the fence here myself, I like these games (Dig Dug, Time Pilot, Pac Man…)

Retro Arcade Games

but I’m pretty disappointed that they’ve been left so … ‘pure’ … I mean, I think it would be cool to have an ‘original’ game mode that only uses a fraction of the pixels of my TV, but I would really like to see another mode (one that I think would be really popular) where the graphics really are on par with what we’d expect on a 360.

I’m not suggesting changing the game, making Dig Dug into a FPS or anything, just redoing the graphics to take advantage of a 720p screen. Hell, even just scaling the game screen up to fill more of my screen would make me happy… even if it stayed blocky 🙂

What do you think?