In Halo 3 multi-player you can customize your SPARTAN or Elite’s armor, with different variations unlocked by various achievements/activities in game (including one that can only be unlocked by being a Bungie employee). You can find out more about the different variations here, but it turns out that your profile on knows what choices you’ve made and displays your current armor configuration on the web site.

If you go to the Halo 3 Model Generator though, created by a community member, you can find the picture of any particular gamer you’d like (including yourself, which is how I found my picture, below) or create a custom image to plan out your own armor customizations.

What I’d really like to create is a live URL, one like /getpicture.ashx?GamerTag=Festive+Turkey, so that I could put my picture on my site and have it automatically update as I change my armor configuration in the game… hopefully ending up like this