My son, Connor (6 years old), has been playing chess against me for the past year or so… but not very often really, maybe one or two games a month at the most. A local chess club held a chess tournament on February 24th at a nearby elementary school and Connor thought that would be pretty cool, so he entered. I have to admit, I was pretty worried that this would turn him off of chess, because he was really set on winning a trophy. I hate to be negative, but I didn’t really expect him to get a trophy and since he had to play five games over the course of a very long day (for a kid), I thought he’d end up pretty frustrated if he lost most of his games. Well, I guess I shouldn’t have been worried; he didn’t seem to mind at all when he lost, he was happy and focus for the whole day… and he ended up winning three of his five games, and placing 3rd for his grade level (Kindergarten).

I guess we’ll be playing more chess going forward…. good thing a Chess game ships with Vista 🙂