Adam Nathan (author of this book) and the overall master of Interop between managed and unmanaged code, blogged last week about his CLR SPY tool. If you haven’t seen it, download it from GotDotNet and let him know what you think (through the comments on his blog entry).

CLR SPY: Feature requests for the next version

Now that I’m set up at my new blogging home, I’d like to get some feedback from anyone who has used the CLR SPY tool that I’ve uploaded to and blogged a lot about in the past.

We’re investigating shipping the tool in the .NET Framework SDK, and would like some feedback on what you do/don’t find useful about it. The Whidbey CLR will have a larger set of CLR Debug Probes (CDPs) than what v1.1 has, and these will all be exposed in the updated tool, of course. But do find the “monitoring“ behavior of the tool useful? Are the balloon notifications annoying? etc. etc.

Thank you in advance!