As I’ve mentioned before, I have a Gamefly subscription and I get new games every few weeks… a great way to play a lot of games without the risk of paying $60 for a stinker (OverG Fighters for example… oh so happy I rented that instead of buying). Anyway, my most recent game is Chromehounds and I’m really enjoying it. It plays way more ‘real’ than a game like MechAssault, but isn’t attempting to be a simulator and force you to control all the details a real mech would need dealt with. I honestly haven’t tried the online side of it yet, and I hear that is the best part… I’ve just played through all of the single player mission with the exception of the final mission. I have tried that one with four different mech configurations and with a couple different strategies, but I haven’t made it through yet 🙂

Do you play Chromehounds? Online? Did you do the single player missions? Any hints for me about the final one!?!