I’ve been thinking about books and the MSDN developer centers for some time… I’ve been wondering what we should do in terms of highlighting books on the MSDN site.

  • Do you want reviews?
    • Top x Books by topic area (Beginning VB.NET, Data Access, Windows Forms, Language Focused…)? How would “Top” be determined though? Top could be sales #s, votes on some sort of dynamic site (which one, who should host this… INETA, http://www.dotnetbooks.com) ?
      • My favorite books? (which means Chris’s favorites on Longhorn, Kent’s on ASP.NET, Brian’s on C++, etc…)
        • MVP Reviews?
          • No books at all? (You’ll just use other sites to find .NET books?)
            • Sample Chapters?
              • Or, should we just feature them all (by topic) and rotate them through for highlighting?

I could set up a poll for this, but I think the discussion will be more useful so please use the comments section to voice your thoughts!!