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Speaking of Coding 4 Fun, or the lack thereof… I’m sitting in a wireless lounge at TechEd, where I have spent most of my trip to Dallas… doing remote troubleshooting and coding on a system back in Redmond. Not a unique experience, I’m sure many of the people reading this entry have ended up working from a remote location when they expected to attend sessions or other activities… but still not the best way to spend one’s time.

On the upside, wireless connectivity just rocks at this event, I’m connected almost all of the time and my only concern has been power… but every table in the wireless lounge happens to have a power bar, so it has become my hangout of choice. I did manage to spend the morning at the MSDN booth, which was pretty cool…. and of course, last night’s dinner with some local (and not so local) bloggers was quite enjoyable (until Elvis started playing at least).