I’ve talked about losing weight before, and I managed to lose a fair bit via the South Beach diet about a year and a half ago, but my weight recently started creeping up again and I decided to do something ‘big’ to get on the right track (which is something I’ve considered before). So, on Tuesday of last week I had my official first appointment with a dietitian as part of the 20/20 program at the Pro Club, which included a weigh-in 🙂 .

As of that day (9/26) I weighed in at 185lbs, and I entered into a program with a goal weight of around 160. For 15 weeks, plus another 12 weeks of ‘maintenance’, I’m being led through a pretty structured exercise and eating plan to permanently modify my behaviour and therefore my weight. Since that Tuesday I’ve been limited to 5 meal replacement shakes a day along with two 6oz servings of lean protein (chicken for me, but there is a wide variety of choices that fall under the lean category). At the same time I’ve been working out with a personal trainer three times a week, and twice more on my own.

Overall, my calories in have been reduced to around 1400-1500 per day, while my output has been greatly increased due to the exercise sessions (I exercised 4 or 5 times a week on my own, but not at the same level of intesity). Less in, more out… should work out well.

Fun times… it is hard to explain how much you start looking forward to vegetables (I think I get veggies in week 2!).