I like traveling and I like beer.

When I travel, I often like to combine these two interests by trying to find some local brewery or a local craft-beer focused pub. So far I have had the pleasure to try out local beers in a bunch of places in the US, Spain, Amsterdam, the UK, and over the past few years in China.

When I’m on my own, it’s a great way to have a destination for my other major travel past-time of ‘walking all over the place for hours’. When travelling with the family, I try not to make them suffer for my hobby, but my wife often checks out the areas we are staying for local breweries as a little surprise bit of info :).

I’m going to keep adding to this list of places and documenting them one at a time, but I’d also love to hear about any of your ‘beer tourism’ travels; hit me up on twitter (see the link below) with stories or suggestions!