I’m back in town, but I was a little surprised to see snow all over the place… that is what I just left in Winnipeg, MB… I thought I was heading back somewhere green 🙂

Well, it certainly is a lot warmer (just a bit below freezing tonight and up around 44F/7C tomorrow), but there was a lot of ice all over the road and my truck from the freezing rain that had been falling for the last few days. It turns out though, that my wife’s Jewel CD case makes an excellent scraper…

Now that I’m back, I have to admit something: I’m actively making changes in my life right after January 1st. I’ve always hated that idea, deciding to ‘get fit’ or ‘stop smoking’ or whatever on January 1st. It always seemed to me that if it was really important you would have started it whenever you realized it was a problem, not on some specific day because you decided to make it your resolution for the year…. but this year I’m doing just that. I’ve been thinking about joining a weight-management program at a local health club, but you need a certain BMI (body mass index… a # to indicate how overweight you are based on your height and weight) to get into the program. Well, I finally spent the time to track down a BMI calculator on the web, and when I entered my height (5’ 6") and weight (192 lbs) it told me that I was obese.

It is never a good day to have a javascript program return that word as a result.

Well, that was in the middle of my holiday, so I decided that I had better make some major changes when I got back to the office (I started during the holiday as well, but since it is hard to establish new routines and habits when you are visiting with one relative after another and spending most of the day sitting on the couch chatting, I was really targetting the end of my holidays as the starting point). Now here I am, January 7th, and I’ll be just another one of the many people who have decided that losing weight should be their 2004 goal.

I’ll try not to go all ‘Bridget Jones’ on you and post my weight with every blog posting, but it might come up from time to time!