Very little to say… I had a great time (and maybe I’ll talk about that later, but it is pretty far off-topic from my normal ‘content’), but now I have hundreds of emails to dig through… most of them have resolved themselves (they emailed me… Exchange bounced an Out-Of-Office back to them… they dealt with it on their own) but sadly when the problem goes away the email doesn’t (wouldn’t it be cool if it did?), so I have to look through them and make sure I haven’t missed any outstanding tasks or questions 🙁

I managed to go the week with only one quick email check… I connected to check on something else and made the mistake of syncing up my email just out of habit.

Anyway, the biggest thing to have happened while I was gone (at least from my point of view 🙂 ) was that my colleague and friend started a blog at If you are interested in meditation and spirituality, I expect that you will enjoy his blog. I’m subscribed and looking forward to more thought-provoking posts!!