Along with, I’ve kept my Audible membership as well… (and Columbia House DVD and BMG Music … oh, and Vonage… ok, there are quite a few free offers that I ended up keeping!!). Audible is pretty handy for those of us who have the occasional long driving trip, I burned ‘Getting things done’ onto CD along with ‘Accidental Buddhist’ (3 CDs apiece) and it really made the time fly driving to and from my Mother’s house up in BC… never listened to anything in the car though, and while I take a few podcasts to the gym sometimes I’ve never tried taking anything from Audible. Still, it has turned out to be pretty useful. They are running a deal now where you can get a free trial if you sign up through this link, so if you are interested you can probably get a couple of downloads to check out before committing to anything long term.