I loved Allegiance, it was beautiful, fun and incorporated a lot of neat multiplayer concepts that I enjoyed (like being able to have one player in a gun turret on your destroyer and another acting as the pilot)…. but it withered away for some reason… I was never sure why, and a lot of its fans seemed to share my confusion…. Ah well, in the end Microsoft Research (yep, the game came from Microsoft Research, how cool is that?) have decided to release the source code so that it may live on even though they are no longer working on it.

MS Allegiance Code Released to Fans Apparently, even though Allegiance wasn’t a commercial success for Microsoft, the fan base is very loyal. So loyal, in fact, that MS Research has posted the Allegiance source code to the community. I’ve never played Allegiance (or heard of it, for that matter), but the trailers on the Allegiance home page made it sound pretty cool. Even cooler is that MS couldn’t keep working on the game, but didn’t want to leave their fans in the lurch, so the released the source. Is this a thousand points of light or what!?! : )

from Chris Sells…. via Brian Johnson