I’m writing this from Las Vegas now, actually I’m on a plane heading to Las Vegas… but this post won’t show up until I’ve landed and found some form of connection, for a few days of the N+I conference (Networld + Interop), and it has been a fairly crazy few days. With a flight planned for 9:50 in the evening, my wife and I (and our 2 yr old son) thought we had some time to do a bit of house-hunting around 4 in the afternoon. Well, turns out we liked one of the houses a little bit more than we might have expected and it was time to make an offer. Filling out reams of paperwork is an experience all on its own, but filling it out for the first time in the US (I’ve bought a house before, but it was in Canada, and things are a little bit different) as the clock ticks towards my flight and our son tears around the Real Estate office out of boredom is a little bit too much excitement for me. In the end, we managed to get the offer in, get some food into us and get me in my car heading towards the airport with an hour to make my flight. The most interesting thing to me was that, in the end, I was able to check-in for my flight right at the parking lot where I dropped my car (checking in at an automated station isn’t new to me, but doing it at the parking lot 5 or 6 blocks from the airport was a welcome surprise)… and I even had enough time to grab a coffee in the airport before my flight. There was wireless there, and I suppose I could have at least checked my email, but I used the 20 minutes to just sip my coffee and try and calm down from the experience of (potentially) buying a house.

Now, on to Vegas!