Barcelona 2024

57 photos

I went on a European vacation in the summer of 2024, returning to Barcelona for the first time in 10 years and I took a …

The guard house

Park Güell

22 photos

My brother and I visited Park Güell as part of our Barcelona trip. Beautiful place, full of mosaics, gardens, and an …

The closed door of the Cat Bar in Barcelona

Street Art

17 photos

A few of these are from 2014, but most are from my recent trip to Barcelona in 2024. I love to take pictures of the …

Another lake view


36 photos

After Girona, we drove to Viehla in the Aran valley area, just before the border with France in the Northeast of Spain. …

View across the rooftops from a parking garage


7 photos

While we were in Viehla, one of the days was bit drizzly and cloudy, so we drove the 2 hours to Toulouse in France for …

From the top of the Cathedral steps. For all my focus on taking pictures, this was my favorite from this city, and I took it on the first day, with my phone.


48 photos

My brother and I visited a few places together in June of 2024, including Girona, a beautiful city less than an hour …

34th Street Penn.  Station sign

June walk through Times Square, Washington Square and more

43 photos

Meandering walk in NYC, all over the place with no purpose other than to wander.

Chinatown Streets 5

Walking through Chinatown in NYC

10 photos

Loved taking some shots in this area, only had a bit of time, but definitely worth a return visit.

Manhattan from Brooklyn 1

Brooklyn walk

22 photos

Walked across the bridge and around a bit on the Brooklyn side

Way more glow by moving to a 1/2 second shutter speed

Seattle night workshop

14 photos

I took a class in night/low-light photography, learning about playing with light and shutter speed. Lots of fun!

Yellow lab in a snow bank with just his head sticking up


18 photos

Furry family members

A single runner heads towards Brooklyn on the bridge, sky is orange and a few of the walkway's lights are visible

Brooklyn Bridge

13 photos

A set of photos taken starting in the early morning from the bridge.

An artsy shot of a purple cornflower where the background is out of focus and slightly rotated


11 photos

From various locations in Redmond, WA and San Francisco.

Had to stop and take a few pictures of the sun rays peaking out past this bend in the trail

Purisima trail hike

10 photos

In August of 2023, I went down to San Francisco for work, but I had some time on the Sunday and I wanted to get out into …

The lighting in Lisbon at night is something special

Lisbon at night

19 photos

In June of 2023, I took a trip to Lisbon with my brother, and I had a wonderful time shooting photos and wandering all …

Yellow tram coming up a hill in the early morning

Lisbon 2023

20 photos

Some daytime photos from Lisbon, from June of 2023

A mound of dried leaves and petals viewed up close

Olives and Spices

14 photos

Walking around the medina in Marrakesh

Cat Graffiti


12 photos

On my summer trip to Lisbon, we took a bus up to Porto for the day, arranged a tour and had a wonderful time.

So many stairs


17 photos

Took a day trip out to Sintra, near Lisbon, to see the Moorish castle and the Pena Palace

Mural of Carol Doda (a legendary stripper from the 70s) on a wall in North Beach, painted by Natalie Gabriel

San Francisco, April 2023

41 photos

Some long walks around SF after a work trip

Wallace Lake 1

Wallace Lake

12 photos

On a rare weekday off, I did a day hike with a friend up to Wallace Lake and took some pictures of the waterfalls that …

Photos from up in Charminar, pedestrians and market stalls. Tilt-shift affect because I was feeling fun

Hyderabad, India

14 photos

Work trip to India, only one afternoon to wander, but headed to Charminar and took some photos.

Cute little gyoza pan


9 photos

Photos taken during a visit to Osaka, Japan in January 2020

Yellow lab standing amongst yellow and orange leaves

Fall trail walk

6 photos

A walk in Redmond, through Hollywood Hill with Loki

A small passageway, likely temporary for construction, people visible on the street beyond

London and Oxford 2018

15 photos

A work trip to London, split up by a day trip by train to Oxford

Very loaded tricycle


19 photos

For a few years, I traveled to Shanghai for work every 5-6 weeks, and I probably took 100s of photos. I rarely brought …

Mary perhaps, but with sunglasses

Barcelona 2014

19 photos

I had a couple of days on the ends of a work trip to Barcelona, took as many photos as I could.