I’m an Engineering Manager at Stripe working on their documentation platform and at various times I was the fellow running the team that builds Docs.Microsoft.com, Azure.Microsoft.com, Channel 9 and more. Previously I worked on MSDN as a developer, content strategist, and author.

I’ve written a whole bunch of articles and books on programming topics, and a few more focused around gaming. For a time I was the VB guy on MSDN, starting out as a sample writer and article author as part of the MSDN content team, then running the VB and C# developer centers for a time, before finally moving onto the MSDN dev team. After about a year of working on that huge system (millions of documents in 19 languages… MSDN was a big site), I took a job as a developer on Channel 9… where my first task was to help design, architect and build their new site on10.net. Eventually, through a series of poor choices (kidding!) I ended up as the dev lead on the C9 team, going on to build Channel 8, TechNet Edge, VisitMix.com, Oxite, and various event sites. About 10 years ago, I finally moved along from Channel 9 over to the DevRel (developer relations) team where we built docs.microsoft.com along with many other sites.

I’ve (as of September 2022) moved on from Microsoft, after 23 years, still doing that engineering management thing, still working on content systems for developers, but joining the awesome and exciting place called Stripe.